• CLOSET ORGANIZER | Organizer Idea | Keeps Tops on the Hangers


    Original Inventor!
    Included: 3 Sets of Glass Beads
    (Hangers are not included)

    Your Choice of Color:
    * Ivory Pearl Glass Bead
    * Pink Pearl Glass Bead
    * Clear Crackled Glass
    * Pink Faceted Crystal Glass Bead
    * Silver Filigree with Rhinestones 

    You are welcome to mix & match the colors! Please choose your color preference from the drop down menu's above. 

    When selecting 'Quantity', select '1' for a set of 3. 

    Your purchase will include 6 decorative glass beads (3 sets for 3 hangers).
    Each piece attaches to a hanger with rubber grip action so they stay in place once they are attached.
    They will not slide.
    Each Bead will prevent thin straps such as Tank Tops, Cami Tops, Lingerie & Spaghetti straps from falling of the hanger.

    Keep your tops ON THE HANGER!

    They are so pretty, they would even make the perfect accessory for an elegant 'Bridal Hanger'.

    Closet Organizers arrive in a pretty gift box.

    This idea came to me while I was preparing to repaint & organize all of my closets.
    My closets are on the smaller side so I do my best to get the MOST out of them. 
    While many hangers have grooves or some type of notch to prevent clothing from falling off a hanger,
    the hangers are usually on the thicker side therefore, I am limited to the amount of items I can hang.
    I hang EVERYTHING from T-Shirts to Lingerie. I find it very it annoying when the straps from other tops
    got stuck on the grooves of other hangers.
    Years ago I purchased these fabulous stainless hangers because they were thin, sturdy and they just looked AWESOME!
    This allowed me to double the amount of things I could hang.
    My only problem was, every time I pulled something from my closet,
    several other things would fall off their hangers because they didn't have a groove or notch.
    This was so frustrating to me. So I recently came up with a solution for this problem.
    Not only is it a great solution, it really adds a nice touch and gives my closets a more polished look.
    Each bead is embellished with 2 smaller beads & a tiny tassel and it attaches to the hanger
    with a clear invisible rubber band.

    Once they are attached, they won't move or slide. They are secure and will keep your tops on the hanger.

    Your Glass Bead Organizers will arrive attached to a string of pretty ribbon (as shown) and gift boxed for a safe delivery. 


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